Wedding Checklist - The Day Before

As Soon As Possible 6 Months Before 5 Months Before 4 Months Before
3 Months Before 2 Months Before 1 Months Before 2 Weeks Before
1 Week Before The Day Before Your Wedding Day After The Wedding

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  • Drop off decorations, table plan, place cards, favours and guest book (and two+ pens) at the venue
  • Take out cash for any cash payments to be made on the day
  • Give rings to the best man
  • Ensure your honeymoon luggage is packed and left ready to be collected or taken with you in the car. Don't forget to pack the tickets and passports.
  • Lay out your wedding outfit, accessories, make-up and perfume so everything is ready for the morning (or pack everything up if you're getting ready elsewhere)
  • Ensure you have an emergency kit packed for your wedding day - to include plasters, mints, safety pins, pain-killers, make-up, mini hairspray and deodorant.
  • Speak to your attendants - check everyone knows what they need to do and when
  • Get pampered - have a manicure, pedicure and beauty treatment (but not a facial!). A massage is a great way for both the bride and groom to relax.
  • Make time to relax - have a nice bath, chill out and get to bed early
  • Don't forget to set your alarm - although you'll probably wake up early anyway