Wedding Checklist - Three Months Before

As Soon As Possible 6 Months Before 5 Months Before 4 Months Before
3 Months Before 2 Months Before 1 Months Before 2 Weeks Before
1 Week Before The Day Before Your Wedding Day After The Wedding

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  • Arrange suit fittings for the groomsmen
  • Choose and buy wedding rings
  • Send out invitations to all your guests
  • Agree and finalise all the wedding flowers required for your wedding day
  • Start thinking about what vows and readings to have
  • Start thinking about ceremony music
  • Start looking at first dance ideas
  • Create song list requests (including songs not to play!)
  • Order favours and table decorations if not making your own
  • Buy wedding shoes- remember to fit them on and have a good walk around the room. Remember, you will be wearing these for a whole day and will be on your feet for most of it and you definitely want to be comfortable and happy dancing the night away at the reception. Consider having your shoes coloured to add a touch of unexpected colour under a gorgeous wedding dress.
  • Buy wedding veil and tiara- remember to hang your veil out the night before the wedding, preferably in a walk room like the bathroom after a shower. This will naturally work out the creases and make your veil lie in the way it was cut. Never, Never steam a veil.