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Money Saving Guide - Venue

This guide is here to try and help you save money on planning your wedding, just click on the links below for more ideas.


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• Be flexible: 'Don't venue-shop with a particular date in mind. Choosing your date and picking your venue should go hand in hand

• Have a shotgun wedding: Snap up a top-notch last-minute venue for a fraction of the price

• Reduce your headcount: Fewer guests equals less food and drink (generally the biggest expense).

• Be supplier savvy: Try to avoid venues that insist you use their suppliers - or choose one with a list of approved suppliers that charge a range of prices.

• Don't waste space: Look for a venue that can only just accommodate your guest numbers, that way you're not wasting money paying for space you don't use

• Time it right: A morning wedding and an early brunch costs less than an evening party

• Hire: Resist the temptation to buy lots of decorations, furnishings and equipment.

• Glow for it: Great lighting is vital, but can be expensive. To achieve a wonderful atmosphere without spending a fortune, bring down your venue's lighting to a dark glow and fill your space with candles

• Dress wisely: Don't waste money on decorating areas that won't be seen much, such as staircases and hallways. Save your cash for the entrance, tables and bar.