Wedding Checklist - As Soon As Possible

As Soon As Possible 6 Months Before 5 Months Before 4 Months Before
3 Months Before 2 Months Before 1 Months Before 2 Weeks Before
1 Week Before The Day Before Your Wedding Day After The Wedding


Wedding Photography Packages Available :


  • Book me as your wedding photographer or videographer :)
  • Make key decisions - e.g. type of ceremony, wedding theme, colour scheme.
  • Agree wedding budget
  • It's a great idea to set up dedicated bank account for all wedding costs
  • Investigate venues and make a decision you both agree on and support
  • Take out wedding insurance
  • Book a church or approved a venue for ceremony
  • Book ceremony time and date with minister or registrar
  • Give notice at your local register office
  • Book reception venue
  • Start a wedding scrapbook - with notes, ideas and pictures, This will help you get a clear idea on what you really want, and you wont be swayed by impulse purchases that might do against the feel!
  • Prepare draft guest list
  • Start looking for your wedding dress - try on lots of different styles, make sure you keep an open mind as something you may have never considered might just be perfect once you have it on!
  • Choose your bridesmaids
  • Get your groom to choose a Best Man- This will be important as he may need a helping hand when going about his groom duties
  • Discuss what needs to be done and assign tasks
  • Check passport will still be valid for your honeymoon. If the passport expires - arrange for a passport in your new name (will only be valid from date of marriage)
  • Arrange your travel vaccinations and/or visa
  • Start looking for wedding suppliers - visit, ask questions, get quotes. Look at some of the web directories online to get a good feel of who's who and what they do!
  • Make a provisional booking for time off work for your honeymoon
  • Check out accommodation nearby for guests