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My Wedding Fusion Package

Combining film and photography

Jennifer & David - Wedding Preview

Combining video and photography brings an entirely new dimension to crafting wedding stories.

Are you looking for a wedding photographer that will not pose you too much so you can enjoy the day? Well, I love attending weddings that are fun and relaxed and I let people enjoy the day without a camera being pushed in people’s faces. I have a rule; the day is all about you, it's not about me getting amazing photos for me, it's about me getting amazing photos for you!

If you agree, why not look at my package below :)

This is what is available

  • All day coverage available from the Bridal Preparation (1-2 hours before the ceremony) until the First Dance (Maximum time 9:30 pm)
  • 2-5 minutes trailer of your wedding day using a combination of photography and filmed footage.
  • Creative, natural, modern and fun wedding photography and filming.
  • The best photos edited in various colour and black & white styles (around 400-600 photos)
  • Group Photos, natural photos and venue photos 
  • My fusion package is only available if the bridal preparation, the ceremony and the reception are at the same venue.
  • Preview your films and photos online which can be streamed to your phone, tablet and laptop.


Your photos and films will be delivered to you via USB Storage within a Presentation Box


If you are interested, please Contact Me to find out my availability and prices.


Wedding Services Available

Wedding Photography

Two Wedding Photographers

Wedding Videography

Wedding Fusion - A mixture of wedding photography and wedding videography


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