Wedding Photography & Videography -  Frequently Asked Questions

1) How many photos will we get?

I never put a limit on how many photos you will get, you will get all the best photos on the day, edited on USB sticks.


2) Can we upgrade later after we have chosen a package?

Yes you can


3) Do you take formal pictures as well as candid pictures?

Yes, and as quickly as possible! I like to limit group photographs to a maximum of 20 minutes and will work to a pre-arranged list. I will ask your ushers to help gather the necessary guests and the more organised you are about this, the quicker it will be.


4) How do we book you?

Booking me is easy, you just need to tell me when and where you are getting married and if I am available we can take it from there.

If you wish to meet me before hand to discuss anything, that is fine, otherwise my best photos are online here.

To contact me, just using this contact form


5) How long does it take to get our pictures back after the wedding?

Usually around two to four weeks, if you go away on honeymoon, I do my best to get your photos ready for your return.


6) Can we have some of our pictures in black and white?

No problem, all pictures are taken in colour but can be converted to black and white. Unless you ask me to do something very complicated there will be no extra charge for adding effects.


7) What would be your standard group photographs?

I would photograph the bridesmaids & ushers with the bride and groom, both sets of parents separately and together in whatever format they may take, shoot one family and then the other family and the rest is up to you. We can normally do a large group shot if required. Often that would be all, but we are sometimes asked to photograph grandparents, friends and so on, all with the bride and groom. I try to ensure that group photographs take no more that 15-20 minutes.

I would also take some time out to photograph the bride and groom as well, this is normally be between 15-45 minutes depending on the time available.


8) Do we have to have group pictures?

No, of course not. Many couples loath the thought of them and I fully understand why! It is up to you, but do warn your families if you propose not to have any formal shots as it may well be them that object and possibly ask for specific shots.


9) Do we have to meet you to book you?

No, booking can all be done via email.


10) When do we pay you?

I take a £200.00 booking fee to book the day which is payable when you complete our paperwork. The balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding or you can take out a monthly payment plan. 


11) Do you photograph the actual ceremony?

This is all dependent on the registrar or priest conducting the ceremony. Some are very good and will work with me to allow us to capture your special moment, some ban photographers from taking pictures inside their churches during any part of the ceremony. (Normally I can get pictures of the signing of the register).


12) What areas do you cover?

I am based Preston (Lancashire). This allows us to cover the whole of the Northwest.


13) Do you charge travel expenses?

I do not charge mileage expenses within the Lancashire, further a field travel expenses may be charged, but will be at cost.
These charges will be agreed prior to booking so there are no hidden surprises.