Gary Cowan | Preston Wedding Photographer - What should I wear on an engagement shoot?


I have been asked in the past, “What should I wear on an couple photography session
So here are some tips that should help you out
1) Pick clothes you would normally wear, not clothes that you saw in another engagement or lifestyle shoot. You want to look back at your pictures over time and recognise yourself.

2) Colours don’t need to match they just need to go together and try not to wear to much white.  Wear solid colours (clothes without patterns if possible).

3) Wear something that’s in the same style as your partner, i.e. Like you are both going to the same event.

4) If possible, get your makeup done by a professional; it will look good on camera.

5) Pick a location that is about you and what you are natural to i.e. if you are into picnics, pick a nice field. 

6) No t-shirts with sayings on them. Too distracting.

7) If wearing glasses, wear contacts if you can.

8) Wear Comfortable Shoes